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as a Part of ‘Love Dystopia’ Work in Progress


A laboratory on a different perspective on body in theatre

with Przemysław Błaszczak

in Andros Cyclades, Greece

at 29 of August – 2 September 2017

Forgetting the Body

Social norms, conventions, etiquette and rules create an environment that shapes our physicality and relation to the body – that is, our “body view”. The way we walk, run, dance, touch ourselves and each other is culturally determined but so deeply ingrained that we readily identify with it and say “this is the way I am”. We don’t remember or seem not to remember that from birth we are exposed to intense training that never really ends, and our behavior is a way of conforming to the prevailing norms.
The aim of the workshop is to make us forget the body as we know it, and make us listen to it in the here and now, in relation to ourselves, the surrounding space, our partners and group. By focusing on solo and partner training we will discover new modes of perception, communication and improvisation that bring together, in a creative process, co-action, co-creation and co-existence.

Workshop will be intensive physical work session.

Elements we will work with:


-individual training

-group training

-partner training ( basics of partnering)

-research on structures existing in the body and influence of it on the character of the movement.

-rhythm in individual, partner, as well as group actions

-improvisation on the precise elements (transition from the training to creative process)

-creating structures for movement.


734c043a63d203bb4ec7fac28d41fee8Noell S. Oszvald ..... fabulous image!!

Exile is worse than death-saying Romeo when he got to know he will be banished from Verona.

In exile are Hamlet and Elektra as black sheep in their family, in the whole kingdom.

In exile where always been artists as the crazy of the kingdom, living always at the periphery of society, at the borders of humanity.

The whole humanity could be considered in an exile from itself.

Exile is the fear of today, and exile is actually today for hundreds thousands people arriving to the coast of Europe.

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Exile is when you cannot be any more at home at your home.

How many aspects of exile we can find beside of this the most evident and obvious? Do we need to be pushed to leave our houses, countries, to become exiles?

705721bb535b4522c575f663a88dce23 716825dc9846370be4b37c58d3401dd1A mother and her child in a refugee camp from the war in Bangladesh. Photo and quote by Don McCullin. 1971.4d01f7d46

Can we be banished from ourselves by the social norms, expectations, society?

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Exile is very important and inspiring topic for me. Starting from the socio-political aspect coming to the most individual experience. During the workshop we will give a time and focus to this topic, in order to get to know, from our body experience what exile can be and how it can influence our life. Taking Exile as the topic for the theatre investigation we will research on it where, we can find ourselves banished from ourselves.


Can our body be in exile? Can we be banished from our body?


From love? From dignity? From the tradition, religion, believe , art?


During the workshop we will use exile as the lens, to look at word of today, at our life, and work to emerge theatre material out of this.



is a work in progress performance and a research program conducted by AILA CENTRE OF PERFORMING ARTS, Greek actors and directors Irini Drakou and Dimitris Bitos (ASIPKA THEATER COMPANY) in collaboration with Swedish writer & director Christopher Bocker (De Andra Transmedia Company) & Polish actor and researcher Przemysław Błaszczak (associate of Grotowski Institute)

‘a path from South to North starting from ANDROS Island’

Greek Islands, as most famous of them recently Lesvos, floating through years like isolated pieces of lands surrounded by sea, and Greece in general nowdays work as big island lost in time and space that people are trapped in a transit condition.

also a note about the case of Yaros:

*Close to Andros is the island of Gyaros , also locally known as Gioura, is an arid and unpopulated Greek island in the northern Cyclades near the islands of Andros and Tinos, with an area of 23 square kilometres (9 sq mi). This and other small islands of the Aegean Sea served as places of exile for important persons in the early Roman empire. The extremity of its desolation was proverbial among Roman authors, such as Tacitus and Juvenal. It was a place of exile for leftist political dissidents in Greece from 1948 until 1974. At least 22,000 people were exiled or imprisoned on the island during that time.[1] 


About history and contemporary life in the island of Yaros,  you can also see here :

Przemysław Błaszczak 


is an actor who has been associated with the Grotowski Institute since 1995. From 1996 to 1999 he worked with Song of the Goat Theatre, where he performed in Song of the Goat – Dithyramb. Between 2002 and 2003 he created the solo performance Ecco Homo. Since 2004, he has been an actor with Teatr ZAR, led by Jarosław Fret, the resident theatre company of the Grotowski Institute. Przemek performs in the Gospels of Childhood: Overture and Anhelli: The Calling. He is currently involved in the creation of Teatr ZAR’s new performance, Armine, Sister. In 2012 he performed in the premiere of Heiner Müller’s Mauser directed by Theodoros Terzopoulos.  Since 2012 till today he is studying the method of Theodoros Terzopouols under his, and Savvas Stroumpos, supervision.

In 2015 he premiered Kassander with Alexandra Kazazou directed by Io Voulgaraki.

Together with  Maite Tarazona , from Bilbao, Spain , they created project Flores en las Cunetas ( Side Road Flowers), finalized  with the premiere of the performance with the same title, directed by Przemysław Błaszczak. Project has its continuity, and it is dedicated to victims of Spanish civil war from the beginning of XX century.

Together with Nini Julia Bang from Denmark, they created workshop platform Embraces. Dilouges trogh voice and body.

He was teaching In many places In Poland:

The Grotowski Institute , Wrocław ; Kana Theatre  Szczecin; Festival Circulations Wrocław; MCK Bydgoszcz; University of Poznań; University of Opole ; Theatre Academy in Wrocław,  and so on,


Site de pratiques théâtrales Lavauzelle  Francja; Collectif L’Impulsion Marsylia, Francja, Micadanses Paris, Francja;  Pontigny Francja, Teatro de la  Abadia Madryt Hiszpania; Residui Teatro Madryt Hiszpania; Goldsmith University of London Anglia; Rose Bruford College of Theatre & Performance Londyn, Anglia;  Oslo National Academy of Arts, Oslo, Norwegia; Grusomhetens Teater, Oslo, Norwegia; UCLA Los Angeles California; UC Irvine California USA; Charles working Theatre Boston USA;  NSD New Delhi India,  and so on

Since 2005, Przemysław has studied the Japanese martial art of aikido under Sensei Piotr Masztalerz (5th dan). In 2011 he studied under Juba Nour Shihan (6th dan) in Baja California, Mexico. He is currently training to become an aikido teacher. In 2005 he went to Japan, invited by Toshi Tushitori, where he practiced shintaido, a Japanese system that integrates voice and body through training based on traditional Japanese karate. He leads the Two Paths Studio, which runs as part of the BodyConstitution research programme of the Grotowski Institute.

The workshop will take place at :

Ormos Korthiou (Bay of Korthi) Andros Island Cyclades, Greece




DATES of the Workshop : 29 August – 2 September 2017


First day of Workshop : Tuesday 29 August 2017

Last day of Workshop : Saturday 2 September 2017

At this last day an Open Rehearshal will take place,  as part of a Work in Progress Performance/lab and research project that audience  aims to be  a tool of reflexion with a goal the whole investigation of LOVE DYSTOPIA PROJECT  and to come in a discussion with local community.

Departure : Sunday 3 September 2017

 Number of participants: 20 persons max.

The lab is targeted at anyone in the fields of performings arts (actors, dancers e.t.c.)  &….performers who involve the body in their work


Fees: €320 for workshop (5 days : 30hours in total )

(The price includes acommodation breakfast and one meal)

The application is diveded into two phases :

  • 1st PHASE of Application :  

Please send us your C.V. in english and a headshot (300kB max) at

Complete the application form bellow :

Sign the TERMS OF PARTICIPANCE (Health Statement e.t.c.) and send it also at . You find this text here :

Applications accepted: till 15th of AUGUST 2017

  • 2nd Selection Phase :

At 16 of August you ‘ll be informed if you have been chosen to participate at the workshop

Please note:

After you ‘ve been choosen to participate at this lab we ask you to send a minimum (non-refundable) deposit of €50 to verify your participation. You will need to pay the rest of the total amount till 15 August. Payment by cash on the spot will not be accepted. Online bank transfer is preferred.

For details and questions please contact with us at


Via bank transfer : IBAN : GR3802602400000370201260811, SWIFT : ERB KGRAA

Bank name: Eurobank EFG – GREECE

Note: after having paid we need the copy of payment certification with full name, by e-mail ( )

Please ensure that we receive your application and payment at the dates suggested above.

See a reperaz of the place here :